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How to overcome your biggest dating challenges

Markus van Driel

This is me, Markus van Driel. Driven by passion, motivated by life.


Life Coach, Gay Relationship Coach, but above all, somebody who is passionate about supporting and motivating others.


Too many gay men think they can 't have it all. Some of them stay in a life that makes them unhappy and miserable. And often this impacts their ability to find and maintain healthy relationships.




You can learn strategies to attract what you want in life, whether it is love, relationships, or success.


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What makes you irresistible

5 Qualities your Boyfriend will love.

There are 3 important mindset principles that can help you get the man you want, and that will help maintain healthy relationships with your partner.

  • Enjoy your life: Do what you love to do, and get what you want.

  • Know what makes you desirable and attractive: Build on your strengths and feel confident in any situation).

  • Be in charge of your joy and happiness - Change the conversations in your head and change the results you get.

  • Know how to Look, act and feel confident - Put yourself in the right frame of mind and radiate confidence.

  • Master the tools to maintain a good relationship: Because not everything is perfect all the time, learn the skills to survive the tougher times.

After I worked with Markus I had the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and I had the courage to make amazing changes. I saw massive changes, including in my business.


Self employed

Within weeks the entire relationship with my partner evolved. I became more relaxed, there were less arguments. Even the incredibly difficult relationship with my father improved.

Mark M.


Markus was able to help me recognise how my emotional state and belief systems were influencing my life and my relationships. His methods truly work and will help you get there.

Zee N.


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